Using a Monopod as a boom pole!


Want to make it for yourself? 

• Click here to buy the monopod
• Click here to buy the hot shoe tripod adapter
• Click here to buy the videomic pro
• Click here to buy the 3m cable

I’ve recently come up with this idea on how to make an affordable, lightweight and small boom pole out of a product most of us having lying around.

A monopod!

Monopods can be bought incredibly cheap off Amazon, sometimes only around $15, and as you will see in my upcoming video, they can be transformed into a very usable boom pole as well.

All you need is the monopod itself, a hot shoe tripod adapter and a shotgun mic (I recommend the Videomic Pro from Rode to keep it portable) and you have yourself one awesome little travel boom pole!

You might also want an extension cable to connect it to your external recording device or camera. The 3 meter one from Rode does the job perfectly.

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