Rode SmartLav Lav Mic


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I just got in the new Rode SmartLav and I love it! This little guy will travel with me everywhere from now on.

The Rode SmartLav is a lavalier microphone that is specifically made to be plugged into your iPhone (or Android) and will allow you to get really good quality audio.

As you’ll see in the video above, it’s not completely perfect, there is a little bit of hiss, but for the cheap price, this really is a great mic.

Check out my video review above and if you want to pick one up, they’re on sale for 13% off at the moment.

✅ Want it? Check out the current price on Amazon

My Camera Backpack

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I’ve been using this CaseLogic SLRC-206 backpack for around 3 years now and to the day it’s still my favourite backpack for my DSLR camera and equipment.

The bag has held up really well, even with a lot of international travel over the years which I think is a testament to the good design of it.

What I love about this bag is that it does feel relatively compact as you can see on the video when I put it on, but it also stores a tonne of gear, including 2 camera bodies (or one dslr and a video camera), multiple lenses, audio gear, tripod and a laptop.

Definitely recommend this one!

✅ Want it? Check out the current price on Amazon

My favourite Interview/Handheld Microphone


I’ve been using the Electro Voice RE50B for quite some time now, about 4 years I think. Since then it’s been used a lot and still is standing strong. This thing is tough!

If you’re looking for a reporters/handheld microphone for interviews, I really can’t recommend this microphone enough. I really love the sound that it produces. In the video above you can hear the difference from my $600 Sennheiser G3 Lav to the Electro Voice, it really is a smoother sound.

The mic is an industry standard across most news networks in the States, here in Australia and in many other countries, and you can see why. It’s tough, has a built in wind filter, little to no handling noise and most importantly it has an awesome sound!

Read the reviews on B&H or Amazon ( and you’ll see just how good a rap this mic gets.

This Is the Best USB Voice Over Microphone

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Voice over microphones are super important for production, as a lot of the time, the majority of your vocals will actually be VO. I’ve used a number of different VO mics, including the Rode Podcaster (which I wasn’t super impressed with), but I’ve got to say that the Audio Technica AT2020USB mic is the best Ive come across.

The Mic is really well built, it’s got a really good amount of weight to it and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to break any time soon.

One of the best things about this mic (other than it’s fantastic sound) is the ease of use when setting it up. I literally just plugged it into my macbook and it worked, as simple as that. It really is a lot easier than dealing with XLR cables and mixers when you want a quick and easy set up.

So that’s that, you can pick this microphone up super cheap at Amazon, and from now on will have beautiful voice over sound!

✅ Want it? Check out the current price on Amazon

Hot Shoe Extension Bar, you need one of these!

I’ve been using Hot Shoe Extension bars for a while now, because they’re amazing! They give you the ability to add a lot more things to you camera, which can really come in handy often when you’re using your dslr.

These cheap extension bars allow you to add pretty much whatever you want to the top of your dslr. For instance you could add a shotgun mic, flash, led video light, external audio recorder or even a wireless mic set.

I highly recommend them!