What’s in My Camera Bag – Travel Edition

Camera Bodies
• Canon 70D
• Canon XA10

• Canon 18-135 STM
• Sigma 30mm 1.4

• Fader ND
• UV Filters

• Velbon Ultrastick

• Velbon Ultra Maxi L

• EzoPower 10000mah Battery
• 70D Batteries
• XA10 Batteries

• Sennheiser EW100 G3 Wireless Lavalier
• Audio Technica AT2020 USB
• Rode Videomic Pro

Data Storage
• Lacie Rugged Firewire

• Macbook Air

• iPhone Tripod Mount
• Transcend 520 JetDrive
• Apple TV
• HotShoe Extension Bar

Download the Canon EOS Utility Software without the CD


The EOS Solutions disc that comes with every Canon DSLR contains a useful suite of tools.

Click below to download the Canon EOS Utility Software. 

Select your Camera Model:

Canon 1D X
Canon 5D Mark III, Mark II

Canon 70D
Canon 7D
Canon 60D
Canon 6D
Canon Rebel Series (T2i, T3i, T4i)
Canon SL1

Rode SmartLav Lav Mic


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I just got in the new Rode SmartLav and I love it! This little guy will travel with me everywhere from now on.

The Rode SmartLav is a lavalier microphone that is specifically made to be plugged into your iPhone (or Android) and will allow you to get really good quality audio.

As you’ll see in the video above, it’s not completely perfect, there is a little bit of hiss, but for the cheap price, this really is a great mic.

Check out my video review above and if you want to pick one up, they’re on sale for 13% off at the moment.

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My Camera Backpack

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I’ve been using this CaseLogic SLRC-206 backpack for around 3 years now and to the day it’s still my favourite backpack for my DSLR camera and equipment.

The bag has held up really well, even with a lot of international travel over the years which I think is a testament to the good design of it.

What I love about this bag is that it does feel relatively compact as you can see on the video when I put it on, but it also stores a tonne of gear, including 2 camera bodies (or one dslr and a video camera), multiple lenses, audio gear, tripod and a laptop.

Definitely recommend this one!

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Cheap Quick Release Plates

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Over the years I’ve used a number of different quick release plates, from Manfrotto to Velbon. I’ve found that for something that is relatively small, they really are quite expensive. The Manfrotto 577 Plate costs about $50 at B&H.

So I’ve been using these cheap quick release plates for all of my equipment now for quite some time now.

You can pick them up online from about $11 for a set which is really affordable, and this allows you to use them on each of your cameras and equipment.

For instance, I use them them on my tripods, monopods, shoulder rigs and sliders.

They really are super useful and now, super cheap!

✅ Want it? Check out the current price on Amazon