Rycote Undercovers Review

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I’ve been using these Rycote Undercovers for a while now. The main idea with the Rycote Undercovers, is to protect your lavaliere from wind noise, hide the lavalier under your clothes and to also protect the mic from clothing rustle.

Do they work?

Well in some ways yes. The sticky 3M backing thats on the under covers works well, and has a strong hold for one time.

The real let down though with these under covers is the felt material on top of them. It is too small and not made well enough, so it does produce a lot of clothing noise.

I use the Sennheiser g3 wireless mic system and i find the mic capsule to be too big to work well with these.

Overall, i was a little disappointed, and probably wouldn’t be buying them again.

✅ Want it? Check out the current price on Amazon

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  1. […] Really does work fantastically, and I’m very happy with the results especially after not having a great time with the Rycote Undercovers (read my review here). […]

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